Hidden History

About Hidden History

Hidden History is an exciting new digital adventure taking you on a treasure hunt around the city of Lincoln.

Using smartphones and GPS technology you will discover a host of hidden stories form Lincoln's rich and diverse heritage. Hidden History takes you away from the tourist trail and the well known stories and sights. Instead, you will uncover the forgotten stories from history and shine new light on unassuming locations in the heart of the modern city around you today.

Using film and animation, Hidden History brings to life Lincoln's heritage in an accessible way that will entertain both children and adults alike. Why not challenge your family and friends to a competition now to find all the clues!

Starting the treasure hunt couldn't be easier:


The Hidden History Treasure Hunt is a collaboration between Blueprint: Design and Multimedia and the Heritage Lottery Fund.

Produced with support from a local historical research group created exclusively for the creation of the hunt.

Historical Advisors

Special Thanks


Hidden History is currently in BETA mode, as such, we value all user feedback so we can develop and improve the experience for everybody taking part.

We would be grateful if you could report any technical or production issues as well as your overall experience of the treasure hunt. Were the clues too hard or too easy?! Were the stories interesting and engaging? Whatever you want to tell us, we aim to make this the best experience possible for visitors and residents of Lincoln.

Contact us at feedback@hiddenhistory.org.uk